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4 Running PVM Applications

[ Note: In this section we show all commands and program execution with full path names as if they are being run from the $HOME directory. If you have placed the cshrc.stub file into your .cshrc file to modify your path variable to include the pertinent PVM directories, you need not specify the full path names. Also, if you are executing your programs from the pvm3/bin/PVM_ARCH directory, you need not use the full path name.]

Once all the parts of a PVM application have been compiled and placed in the appropriate directories, you can start up PVM and configure the virtual machine to execute the application. One way to do this is to first create a hostfile that contains a list of the computers you wish to include in your virtual machine. For example,

# Example hostfile 

Each host name must be on a separate line. Blank lines are ignored and any line starting with a # is a comment.