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3.1 C Example     continued...

When compiling PVM codes, the PVM library compiled for the target architecture is linked in. In the compilation command, you may need to specify an include file and/or library search path if files are in a non-standard places. The compilation process for our example codes, using PVM built on the same account, would be

> cc -o master master.c -Ipvm3/include -Lpvm3/lib/SUN4 -lpvm3
> mv master pvm3/bin/SUN4/master
> cc -o worker worker.c -Ipvm3/include -Lpvm3/lib/SUN4 -lpvm3
> mv worker pvm3/bin/SUN4/worker
We move the executables to the PVM default directory pvm3/bin/SUN4 so that PVM will be able to find the worker code when those tasks are spawned from the master program.

Complete details for all PVM library functions can be found in PVM 3 User's Guide and Reference Manual. This document is available from by sending the message send from pvm3

Section 4 give details on how to run these executables under PVM.