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1 Overview of Fortran 90     continued...

To the Fortran 77 procedure facilities Fortran 90 adds the following new features: function results may be array-valued or structure-valued (or both), procedures may be recursive, arguments may be optional or intent-in (can't be changed in the procedure), procedures may be internal to other program units, and others.

An important concept new to Fortran 90 is that of an explicit procedure interface. This means that the interface of a procedure-that is, the data types and other characteristics of the dummy arguments and (if the procedure is a function) function result-is known at the point of call. Explicit interfaces provide a long list of benefits and capabilities; for example, a function result can be array valued if (and only if) the function interface is explicit where the function is called. Procedure interfaces may be made explicit by providing an interface block for the procedure or by placing the procedure definition internal to the calling program or in a module used by the calling program.

One of the most onerous sources of programming errors historically has been the mismatching of argument data types across procedure boundaries. Such errors, guaranteed to corrupt results, are among the hardest to debug. Use of explicit interfaces is simple and prevents this problem completely; this will likely be one of the most important practical applications of interface blocks.