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4.1 Array Operations     continued...

The Fortran 90 array operations provide virtually all of the element-by-element data parallel features of APL, without its disadvantages. These operations are provided as natural extensions of scalar operations, functions, and expressions, using familiar Fortran rules for expression evaluation. Reduction, construction, and inquiry operations are provided with the addition of a number of meaningfully-named intrinsic functions. Care was taken to ensure that these operations can be efficiently implemented on contemporary parallel processing systems.

Generally speaking, except in a few contexts in which an expression is restricted to be scalar, any Fortran 90 expression may have array operands and the result is array valued. Fortran 77 allowed only scalar expressions; (almost) all such expressions in Fortran 90 may be data parallel array valued as well. (Scalar expressions are required in control contexts such as IF statement control conditions (scalar logical expression), DO loop indexing expressions, and I/O specifiers such as unit number, file names, open statement specifiers, etc.) Examples of array operations are as follows (any or all of the variables may be arrays):

 C = A+B
 print*, P*Q-R, S
 call T3(X,Q,Z-V)

Note that in these cases the array expressions are indistinguishable from scalar expressions-you need to know from other contexts that these variables have been declared as arrays-but each potentially represents millions of parallel computations. If A, B, C, P, Q, and R are two- dimensional arrays, and Z and V are one-dimensional arrays, these three statements could be written in the following equivalent form which clearly identifies the array operations.

 C(:,:) = A(:,:)+B(:,:)
 print*, P(:,:)*Q(:,:)-R(:,:), S
 call T3(X,Q(:,:),Z(:)-V(:))

Functions may be defined as array valued and hence be operands in array-valued expressions. These are described in section 4.4, along with array-related intrinsic functions.

Thus, element-by-element data-parallel array- valued expressions are a straight forward natural extension/generalization of scalar expressions, with arrays replacing scalars as operands.