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6.6.2 Animation

The animation package takes the movie file pegmovtd generated by the model. This is explained in README.PLT. We highly recommend you view this model with the animation package. The results are fascinating to watch. The tides going in and out of the Straits of Hormuz and rotating roughly once per day in some places and roughly twice/day in others, depending on which components dominate the tides, diurnal or semi-diurnal, are fun to watch as well as educational. The movie plots contain color maps of Sea Surface Height (SSH), red indicating large upward and blue large downward deflections of the sea surface. Superimposed on these are velocity vectors that indicate which way the average tidal currents in the water column are going and their magnitude. The plots show the behavior of SSH and currents nearly every hour during the last day of each simulation. You can learn a lot about tides just by watching this movie. A sample is included.

Click here to watch tides in the Persian Gulf.