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6.4 Procedure

1. Use the Unix command make. This will create the executable file called Pegtd.

2. Edit the file pegtdu10. This file has the following format:


The procedure is to edit the pegtdu10 file to run the desired components. The 13 numbers assigned to TIDE in this NAMELIST file allow you to do this. Putting a number here to 1 turns the corresponding component on and a zero value turns it off. The numbers correspond to M2, S2, N2, K2, K1, O1, P1, Q1, MF, MM, SSA, M4 and MS4 in that order (See Table 1). The last two are compound tides and should not be run. The long term components should also not be run, as they require a long run time. Running the rest of the components takes approximately 2 minutes on a Cray YMP using only one processor and about 40 minutes on a Sparc2. As an exercise the students may verify these values.

The model can be started from scratch by putting RSTART=0. Then the model is slowly ramped up over 5 days and then run for a total of 10 days. It is also possible to continue further from a previously made run by putting RSTART=1. In that case, a restart file has to be supplied as pegtdu70. The model routinely writes a restart file and over-writes the previous one every day so that at the end of say a 10-day run, you will have one restart file called pegfldtd that contains the fields needed to make a run starting from the 10th day. All that is needed is to copy pegfldtd into pegtdu70 and put RSTART=1.

(See exercise 7.)