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6.3 Computer Model

Hardware: This model can be run on any Unix-based machine. The program has been tested successfully on a Sparc 2, RS 6000, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Cray YMP, Cray C-90 and CM-5. The model itself should run on any Unix-based computer using Fortran 77.

Software: The Fortran compiler f77 as well as the GMT package for the animation and graphics are needed.

Files: This is a list of the files you should have in your directory in order to run this exercise: (Note: You may either retrieve them separately or in one archived file.)

Archives of the model(code, input, output and misc files), model.tar, and of the instructions and files used in the animation of results, animate.tar, file names are: main.f, tides.f, xmode.f, rest.f, bcond.f and wrtprg.f .

The CM5 code is available in the archive: cm5.tar.

Include files:

Ogcm1.h, Ogcm2.h, Ogcm3.h, Ogcmt.h and Ogcmmd.h, only the first of which needs to be changed when going to another region.

Input files:

pegtdu10---Parameter input data file.

pegtdu40---Ocean Model input data file.

pegtdstn---File containing observed data at tidal coastal stations.

pegtdt---File containing the time series of observed and model tidal heights at selected stations where tide gauge data are available for comparison.

Restart files:

pegtdu70---Ocean Model input data file for a restart. This file is written to periodically by the model so that a crash recovery can take place.

pegfldtd---Ocean Model intermediate data file for a restart. Pegtdu50 is copied to this file before a program restart.

pegsertd---Intermediate 2-D surface fields saved periodically in the event for a restart.

Output files:

pegmovtd---File used to create a movie for the animation of tides.

pegtdc---File containing the co-amplitude and co-phase, the maximum tidal sea surface height, at each grid point and the corresponding time at which it occurs.

Monitoring file:

mon---Monitor file to check the operation of the program.