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2.2.4 The Codes RKSUITE     continued...

The documentation for RKSUITE provided in RKSUITE.DOC is especially recommended. It is fairly short, carefully written document, explaining some of the internal workings of the suit of codes. The reader should pay particular attention to the description of error control and the effect on delivered accuracy. The documentation also contains an excellent set of references that describe the formulas and algorithms used in RKSUITE; references are also included that describe the design, implementation and testing of codes based on explicit Runge-Kutta formulas. The current code was written by R. Brankin (NAG). I. Gladwell (SMU) and L. Shampine (SMU) [7].

A copy of RKSUITE, together with sample drivers, can be obtained from ``netlib'' using anonymous ftp as follows:

The file ``templates'' contains sample drivers for the codes in rksuite.

For a complete listing of what is available from ``netlib'', mail netlib and type send index in the body of your message. The Internet address ``'' refers to a gateway machine at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This address should be understood on all major networks.