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2.3.3 The Code VODE

VODE is a relatively new initial value ODE solver for stiff and non stiff problems and was written by P.N. Brown (LLNL), G.D. Byrne (currently at SMU), and A.C. Hindmarsh (LLNL). It uses variable coefficient Adams-Moulton and Backward Differentiation Formula (BDF) methods. The initial step size is selected internally and a method of order 1 is used to start the integration; the order is increased as sufficient data become available. The setting, MF = 10, is used to request a solution using the Adams method and setting of MF = 21, 22, 24, or 25 requests the BDF method. A copy of the code may be obtained from ``netlib'' as follows:

The reader should consult the SIAM article [8] for a discussion of VODE. The article also contains a couple of interesting test cases and a good set of references for further reading. The code itself is well documented; leading comments contain a sample driver and details about the code input and output parameters.