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Exercise 2: The use of an Internet service.

Use any of the Internet services ( archie, gopher, WAIS, WWW) to find the following information. Items marked with a bullet () are known to exist (i.e. we've found them ourselves). The other things should be out there, according to Krol [4] or pointers in the files we found.

Find the names of the sites on ESNET. Fill in the map in Figure (4) with the names of each site.

Find information on Egypt in the CIA World Factbook.

Get the latest weather for your area. You should be able to find (1) a text file with the latest report from the National Weather Service; (2) a weather map showing high and low pressure areas and thunderstorm activity, and (3) an image from a geostationary weather satellite. Use xv to display (2) and (3).

Get a copy of the NorthWestNet User Services Guide (much of the information in here is probably relevant for other networks, too).

Look up the definition of ``hacker'' in an on-line dictionary. There are several on the Internet, but your university or library may also have a local dictionary.

Look up the definition of ``hacker'' in the The New Hacker's Dictionary.

Find the frequently asked questions list for rec.crafts.brewing.

Find a list of brewpubs in Eugene, Oregon (hint: start with the FAQ for rec.crafts.brewing).

Many campuses use gopher to organize on- line databases. Look around to see if you can find a course schedule, catalog, or campus phone book for your school.

Look up the e-mail addresses of two or three people who contributed chapters to the Computational Science Education Project.

What resources are available at the San Diego Supercomputer Center?