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The document area of the window is the main display. Links are identified in one of two ways: either they are underlined and printed in blue or purple text, or they are images surrounded by a box. To activate a link, just move the mouse over it and click the left button. For example, on the NCSA home page there is a link named FAQ list (printed in blue near the bottom of the page). If you click on this link, Mosaic will fetch the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Mosaic. When you have seen enough of this list and want to return to the home page, click the Home button at the bottom of the window. (You might also see a link to something interesting in the FAQ document; clicking on that link will call up more information.)

Both Netscape and Mosaic maintain a history list which is a record of all the documents you have accessed. To help you keep track of which links you have followed, if a link points to a location in a document in the history list it is displayed in purple; otherwise it is blue. Note that when you first open a document some links will be purple. That usually means those links point to sections of the same document. The distinction between blue and purple links is not important (other than the fact that blue links point to documents that might have to be fetched over the network, which might take some time). In practice blue links serve to identify documents you have not visited yet and thus help you navigate through more complex subjects.