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4.3 Home Page

The home page is the first document you see when you start Mosaic or Netscape. It has links to commonly accessed items and other useful information. The default home page from NCSA is shown in Figure 8. This is the document you will see unless you tell Mosaic to use a different home page (either through a command line argument when you start Mosaic or a specification in your .Xdefaults file) or your system administrator has installed a special local home page.

Figure 8: NCSA Home Page for Version 1.2.

A Mosaic window has four parts. At the top is the menu bar with common operations, such as opening new documents, searching for information, or accessing commonly used information. Below the menu bar is the title and source of the current document. Next is the document itself, and on the bottom are buttons that perform other common operations. The Netscape window provides similar functions.