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4.2 Starting Your HTML Browser     continued...

If one of the auxiliary programs is not available on your system, but you do have an alternative program that does the same thing, you can change your .Xdefaults (X window resource database) file so Mosaic will use the other program. For example, Silicon Graphics workstations have a program named ipaste for viewing images in a format known as RGB. If you want to use ipaste instead of xv you can add a line to .Xdefaults. Refer to the on-line documentation for instructions.

If you cannot install some or all of the auxiliary programs you can still run the browsers, but you will not be able to view all the information in every document. You will be limited to reading only text files and viewing in-lined images, but the browsers can still be a valuable tool for finding information over the Internet.

To start Mosaic, just type `` xmosaic'' in a shell window or double click the Mosaic icon on a Macintosh or PC. You will see a top level window displaying the initial startup document, which is known as the home page. The default home page from NCSA is described in the next section.

To start Netscape, just type `` netscape'' in a shell window or double click the Netscape icon on a Macintosh or PC.