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4.2 Starting Your HTML Browser

Mosaic is available at
for Unix X windows, at
for Macintosh, and at
for Windows. Both source code and binaries for a range of Unix workstations, Macintosh and PC/DOS are available. (On a Unix platform you do not have to have Motif installed on your system to run Mosaic IF you pick up a precompiled binary. You do, however, need Motif 1.1 to compile Mosaic.)

Netscape is available at for Macintosh, PC and Unix workstations. Netscape was produced by the Netscape Communications Corporation

Before you start Netscape or Mosaic, make sure xv, ghostview, and other auxiliary programs are installed on your system. The easiest way to check is with the which command:

% which xv
xv is /local/apps/X11/bin/xv
If xv is not installed (or not in your path) which will print something like ``xv not found.'' The other programs these browsers use to display images are ghostview (to display Postscript files), xdvi (for LaTeX output), and mpeg_play for MPEG format movies. To see the complete list of these external programs, refer to the mosaic on-line documentation under the subject of ``X resources.''