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3.1.6 Browsing     continued...

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a project that was originated at CERN, the European high energy research facility in Switzerland. WWW is based on the concept of hypertext. A hypertext document allows users to wander around in unstructured and unpredictable ways, instead of reading from top to bottom and one page to the next as in a normal linear text. A hypertext browser is a piece of software that lets users click their mouse button on a piece of text or part of a picture and then moves to a portion of the document that explains the selected item. For example, if you are looking at an equation in a science text, you could click on a variable in the equation and the browser would bring up a window that explains what the variable represents and its range of values.

There are several hypertext systems for small computer systems, including the well-known Hypercard for Macintosh systems. WWW is a combination of hypertext browser and Internet archive service. By clicking on portions of a document you will be able to initiate searches throughout the Internet for more information on the selected item.