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3.1.5 How to Find Files

Before you can use FTP you need to know exactly where to find the file you want to copy. If you only know a file's name but not where it is, there is a service that can help you find fit it. A program named archie will search anonymous FTP servers looking for files with names that match a search string.

For example, suppose you are interested in a programming language named SISAL. The following shell command will invoke archie and ask it to search for files with the string ``sisal'' in their titles:

%  archie  -s sisal

The - s option tells archie to ignore cases in the names, i.e. the search will match ``sisal'', ``Sisal'', and ``SISAL''. Refer to the man page for other options.

Here is the result of our search for titles on the SISAL language:

 Location: /pub
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 43933 Aug 14 1992
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 105253 Aug 14 1992
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 85395 Jul 28 1992 sisal_ref_man_1.2.tar.Z
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 581733 Jun 30 14:15
 DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 Jun 29 19:35 sisal_reports
 DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 Aug 13 02:44 sisal_types   
 Location: /pub
 DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 Apr 16 1992 sisal
 Location: /pub/sisal
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 7136 Apr 16 1992 sisal-mode.el.Z
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 5128 Apr 16 1992   
 Location: /pub
 DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 Mar 9 18:49 SISAL
 Location: /pub/SISAL
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 5422 Aug 4 1989 sisal.README
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 587317 Aug 4 1989 sisal.tar.Z 
 Location: /pub/pozo/conferences
 FILE -rw-r--r-- 7819 Mar 10 1992 SISAL.04.92