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3.1.3 Transferring Files     continued...

In order to transfer files with FTP you need to have permission to use the remote machine. When FTP establishes a connection, it will ask you for a login name and password combination. If you have an account on the remote machine, use your login/password combination for that machine, just as if you were logging in via rlogin.

Figure 7: Useful FTP Commands.

Machines that hold public domain software and other widely distributed files allow anonymous logins. Anonymous logins are like guest

accounts: anybody can use them, but there are limits to what you can do. Simply type ``anonymous'' for the login name and then type your e-mail address when you are prompted for the password. The remote system will not verify your e-mail address, so don't worry if you make a typing mistake; giving your full e-mail address is just a courtesy to the people who maintain the public information in case they want to gather statistics about how widely their files are distributed.