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3.1.3 Transferring Files

One of the most commonly used network applications is the file transfer program, or FTP, which copies files from remote systems. Examples of the kinds of things that are accessible via FTP are public domain software packages, technical reports and other research papers, newsgroup FAQ lists, and images (updated hourly) from weather satellites.

FTP is an interactive program. You start it by simply typing `` ftp''. After that you type commands which tell it which system you want to connect to, file transfer modes you want to use, and other options. Some of the more common FTP commands are listed in Figure 7.

To connect to a remote host, use the open command, e.g.

ftp> open
As a shortcut, you can specify the remote host on the command line when you start FTP.
%  ftp
is the same as starting FTP and then using open. When you have finished transferring files, use the quit command to terminate FTP.