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6 Credits

The mutational meltdown simulations have (excuse the pun) evolved over several years, from an early program written by Mike Lynch to several parallel versions for the MasPar MP-1 and MP-2 and shared memory multiprocessors such as the SGI PowerChallenge developed by John Conery. Students who have helped with the design and coding of the parallel versions include David Butcher, Tommy Hovland, Jeff Holmes, and Sam Jones. The code for these C programs will be made available via anonymous FTP at

This chapter for the CSEP project was the subject of a seminar on writing hypertext course material, with an emphasis on links to interactive simulators. Members of that seminar -- Sarah Douglas, Eck Doerry, Kartik Mithal, and Muthu Raman -- were instrumental in helping to define the structure and content of this chapter. Doerry developed a very nice interface to the MasPar simulation that could be activated by users who were reading this chapter; eventually we hope to include that interface as part of this chapter for readers who want to invoke the simulation at their local sites.