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3.3 The MasPar Programming Environment (MPPE)

The MPPE, or MasPar Programming Environment, is a debugger and monitor that allows the programmer to visualize her/his code's utilization of the PE array during execution, and to determine what values are stored in individual PEs at user-specified breakpoints. This interactive window environment also gives profiling information that helps the user identify segments of code which are not parallelized in an effective manner. To start up MPPE, type


It is also possible to run MPPE from machines other than the MP-2 being used. This is recommended since it reduces the front end load. In order to do so, start up MPPE on this other machine (where available). Then in the MPPE window, click on the ``connect'' button, and when the Maspar Machine Status Window opens, change your MP_PATH to /usr/maspar and your host to (or the name corresponding to the MP-2 front end being used). Then click on ``save'' and ``apply.'' The MPPE window should now contain the message ``Registration to pulsar successful.'' See the MPPE Quick Reference Manual for a thorough description of MPPE.