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3.2 Programming Languages and Compilers

There are two MasPar parallel programming languages---MasPar Fortran, and the MasPar Language, or MPL. MasPar Fortran is the MasPar version of the Fortran-90 programming language; it is based on Fortran-77 with extensions that include Fortran-90 array statements. MPL is a powerful low-level language which is based on ANSI C; MPL also contains statements and keywords which facilitate programming on the DPU. MPL provides the user with more options and control of parallelization than does MasPar Fortran.

Below is a list of commands you can use to invoke MasPar compilers:

mpl        (MasPar Programming Language) 
mpl_cc     (cc on front end code and MPL on DPU code) 
mpfortran  (MasPar Fortran) 
mpl_f77    (fortran on front end code and MPL on DPU code)

mpl program names should end in .m, e.g. your-program.m. mpfortran programs should have names that end in .f.