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6.2 MasPar Manuals

The following manuals, are provided by MasPar Computer Corporation, contain information of interest.

Data Parallel Programming Guide (not on line) MPPE User Guide ( MPPE Quick Reference (not on line) MPL User Guide ( MPL Reference Manual ( MasPar Fortran User Guide ( MasPar Fortran Reference Manual ( MPML Reference Manual ( MPDDL Reference Manual ( MPIPL Reference Manual ( MasPar VAST-2 User's Guide ( A Beginner's Guide to the MasPar MP-2 (this document)

Most of the above documentation can usually be found on-line in the directory /usr/maspar/doc. These are postscript files that can be printed on most laser printers. For example, to print the MPL User Guide to ``your printer'' type the following command

lpr -s -Pyourprinter

You can also visualize these files on a terminal supporting Xwindows by using ghostscript as follows: