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11.1 On-Line Manual Pages

The on-line manual pages for iPSC system commands and calls are usually located in the directory /usr/local/man on the SRM. You must add this directory to the MANPATH in your .cshrc file in order for the man command to find them.

The iPSC System Commands are located in the man1 subdirectory. The iPSC Library Calls for C and FORTRAN77 are in the man3 subdirectory. The man command will look in the man1 directory first. Therefore, if you are only interested in the Library Calls, then you must specify that.

For example, getcube is available both as a system command and as a library call. If you just type man getcube, then only the system command manual will be displayed. In order to find the C and FORTRAN library call version of getcube, you should type man 3 getcube.