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10.2 PICL

A Portable Instrumented Communication Library (PICL) is fully implemented on the iPSC/860. PICL is a subroutine library developed at ORNL, that implements a generic message-passing interface on a variety of multiprocessors. Programs written using PICL routines instead of the native commands for interprocessor communication are portable in the sense that the source can be compiled on any machine on which the library has been implemented. Programs written using PICL routines will also produce timestamped trace data on interprocessor communication, processor busy/idle times and simple user-defined events if a few additional statements are added to the source code. A separate facility called ParaGraph can be used to graphically view the trace data.

You must link to the PICL libraries when compiling C or FORTRAN programs. For C, use the -lcpicln switch. For FORTRAN, use the -lfpicln switch.

Send the following message to for information on how you can obtain manuals for PICL as well as download and install PICL if necessary.

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