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5.1 Allocating and Releasing Hypercubes

The command getcube at the shell prompt will allocate a hypercube of the specified dimension. On the iPSC/860, each user can allocate more than one hypercube. Several users can use the iPSC/860 at the same time, each on their own hypercubes. Once allocated, each user gets exclusive use of his/her hypercubes and they are not available to other users until released. The relcube command releases a hypercube. It is a good practice to release all your cubes before exiting the system.

Each hypercube can be assigned a name or the default name is assumed. If you allocate more than one cube, then each cube should be assigned a distinct name. The last cube allocated is the current cube. The current cube can be changed using attachcube. cubeinfo returns information on allocated cubes.