Instructions and Hints: ETOPO5 Database Use

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Instructions and Hints: ETOPO5 Database Use

These sections describe the use of programs that (1) read the ETOPO5 database and extract the data specific to a particular geographic region and (2) create PostScript plots of ocean depths in the region.

The database is contained in, which is a 55,995,840 byte ascii file. This file has ocean depth (bathemetry) and landmass elevation data for the entire Earth, at five minute increments in both longitude and latitude.

Retrieve the ETOPO5 database using ftp. Untarring this file will create etopo5/data/

The files for using the database and creating plots of the bathemetry data are here. Untarring this archive will create the directory etopo5/code. You can then cd to this directory and use the code it contains to create bathemetry plots by following the instructions given below.

In the following discussion, bold is used to emphasize the steps the user must perform, and roman font is used for text that provides either background information or a fuller explanation of what happens as each command is executed.