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Xv is an interactive image manipulation program for the X Window System. It can operate on images in the GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PP, X11 bitmap, Sun Rasterfile, RLE, RGB,BMP, PCX, and PM formats on all known types of X displays. It can generate PostScript files, and if you have ghostscript version 2.5 or above installed on your machine, it can also display postscript files.
The function of this overview is to get you familiarized with some of the basic options that Xv provides so that you feel confident manipulating the package. We will start with the "getting to know you" exercises, and then if you wish, there is much more detailed information available later. Xv is a fascinating tool; you can experiment with the various commands on your own if the beginning exercise piques your interest.


If Xv is installed and in your path, it can be invoked from an X Window environment by entering
This will bring up the following window, although it should be about twice this size:
To open up the control box, either type a "?" while the mouse pointer is in the Xv box, or hit the right mouse button. This will give you the following image.
We will now begin taking you through the wonderful world of Xv. Since Xv is an image manipulating program, we will start by giving you an image to manipulate.


In order for this fractal to be manipulated, you must first obtain it for your files. Click the left mouse button on the Grab box in the control window. You will hear a "beep" which tells you Xv is ready to roll. Now move your mouse to the window containing the image you wish to grab, in this instance, the fractal. If you hit the left mouse button (which we all have a tendency to do being an index-finger oriented society), the whole window will be saved. Since this would include the overview prose and the Mosaic outline and options, this is not desirable in this instance. Instead, go to one of the corners of the image you wish to save, and use the middle mouse button. Hold this down to drag a rectangle over the desired image. When you have the image outlined to your satisfaction, release the mouse button. The original Xv window will show you what you have "grabbed". This may take several tries until you become accustomed to the maneouver.


By now, you hopefully have the fractal's image ready to be saved. Click on the Save button available in the control window. This will bring up the following:

Make sure you are in the directory of your chosing. In this image, we are in the Xv directory. You can change directories by clicking on the box over the file listing. Then place the mouse in the Save file: box and type in the name of your chosing. The ending of the name should reflect the file format of your choice. Once you have chosen the format and clicked on the respective button, click on Ok and the window will close. In the control window you should see a message as to whether or not the image was successfully saved.


The original Xv window should still have the image you grabbed earlier. If you want to change the size of this image, you have many options.


Now click on the ColEdit button in the Xv control window. This should bring up the intimidating "xv color editor" window.

In the first third, you have the option of using the Random button. This will change the colors of the image drastically. if you wish to return to the original image, click on Reset. Remember that Reset button is there if you get too panicked. In the second third, there is a circle that had the word White underlined at the top left. If you click on the button in the center and move it around the circle (between Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta, and Red), you can change the background colors. When you find an image you like, then exit the color editor by clicking on the Close button residing in the first third of the window. The image you ended with will be the one showing in the Xv window. You can save this new image under a different name than the first.


So far, the only display we are using is our original Xv window. Click and hold the mouse on the Display box (located in the Xv Control window). The following options are available: Experiment on your own which background is right for you. Remember you can use this at any time, just for a change of scenery.


Click on the Visual Schnauzer in the Xv control window. This will bring up another window. This window enables you to:

More Information on XV.