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When you click on the File option, you will bring up a window giving you the following choices:

If you choose the New Canvas option, then Xpaint will automatically give you a canvas the size 640x480. If you wish to set the size of the canvas, choose the New With Size... option, which will bring up another window in which you will set the parameters. If you already have an image you wish to ``paint'', then choose the Open option where you will be asked which file in your directory you wish to use. The Load Clipboard... choice implies that you already have some image you wish to paint, but you also wish to place this image within the canvas. Once you have a canvas, and you have loaded the clipboard, click on the button in the main window and choose the Edit/Paste option available on top of the canvas. The file you chose will appear in the lower left of the canvas, and you may move it to its proper place by holding the left mouse button down while placing the image.

Once you have finished your Xpaint session, you may choose the Quit option under File to exit.

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