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Xarchie Overview

Xarchie is an X11 browser interface to the Archie Internet Archives database using the Prospero virtual file system protocol. The best known application of the Archie system is to maintain the Internet Archives database. This database, already available from a number of service providers across the Internet, currently contains the names of over 2,100,000 files at over 1,000 anonymous FTP archive sites. Using this database, users can rapidly locate needed files without the need to log onto dozens or even hundreds of machines. For more information on archie, contact Bunyip Information Systems at (514) 398-3709 or (514) 398-811 or email "".

Xarchie displays information returned from archie with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface. It allows you to explore ftp sites by examining directories returned as query matches, and retrieves files located in this manner.

Xarchie is designed (like most X applications) to be highly customizable. Almost all details of the interface, including display appearance and command interface, can be customized using X resources.

Users should be aware that the xarchie client accesses a server that is shared with users on other hosts. As such, submitting long or large numbers of queries during peak periods not only increases the time that you have to wait for a response, but it increases the time that others have to wait too. To save long-distance network traffic, users should use the closest possible host, and consider using the "nice" option (see The Main Window).