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Xarchie: The Main Window

This section describes how to use xarchie in its default configuration. See the xarchie manual pages for information on how to customize this interface to your liking.

When Xarchie is invoked, the main display is divided into horizontal areas.

The top pane is a menu bar, and it contains the following buttons with the corresponding options:

Underneath the buttons of the main window is the status bar. It provides information about the progress of a query, among other things.

The middle pane of the Xarchie display functions as a host-location-file browser. The leftmost pane displays hostnames, the middle pane locations (or directories), and the rightmost pane files or directories returned by a query. You can adjust the relative size of the browser panes using the Grips on their borders.

The bottom pane of the xarchie display provides a set of Text items where you can enter information and where information is displayed as query results are browsed. Typing return in some Text items invokes an action, as a shortcut for selecting it from a menu or button.