Exercise 1 Solutions to the diffusion partial differential equation can be expressed in terms of the error function. Write a computer program similar to Code 2 that sequentially displays a color raster map of the following function on the square -5 < x,y < 5 for t = .1; t = 1.1; t= 2.1.

Exercise 2 Use plotmtv to produce a two dimensional line drawing graphic of an ellipse.

Exercise 3 Use plotmtv to produce a three dimensional line drawing of a cone.

Exercise 4 Use plotmtv to produce a wire frame representation of a paraboloid,
z = x - y.

Exercise 5 Use plotmtv with the option -plotall to produce a graphic of a paraboloid intersecting a plane

Exercise 6 Given the function u(x,y,z) = x + y + z, find the gradient of u and use plotmtv to display this three dimensional vector field

Exercise 7 Modify Figure 7 so that each vector in the graphic has the same length and use the underlying color raster map to represent the magnitude of the vector.

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