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Collaborating on Collage

Begin Session

One of the most unique and useful tools that collage offers is the chance to collaborate with other users on the same pictures or data sets simultaneously. You will want to make sure that the other person you wish to share a collage session with has installed the correct collage.

A collaborative session is started by one person clicking on the main dialogue window menubar option Collaborate/Begin Session. This causes a dialog box to pop open allowing the user to type in a server DTM port. A DTM port is of the format:

The Server port number is some number between 2048 and 65535. Pick some random number and type it in so long as it is between 2k and 64k. The host part is not necessary when the port is on the local machine. This will always be the case when starting the server. So type something like 4567 in as your server port. This will bring up another window declaring the connection made.

Join Session

People may join the collaborative session just started by selecting Collaborate/Join Session on their collage main window. They will need to fill in the box that says Host name of collage server: and the box that says Server port number. Remember to have them put in the same number chosen to begin the session. These must be the same as the entries in the Begin Session box. For that reason, you must be able to communicate with others in the session and share the port number selected, as well as the host name of server.

Open File

Once the connection is established, the main dialogue window will show you who is participating in the session. Also in the main dialogue window, you may open any file. To make the file appear for the other participants, you should choose the Publish option that will appear in the window under the File button.


Also, you may create your own Whiteboard, where you can make figures or write text. Once you have made some sort of mark on the whiteboard, it becomes shared with the other viewers. The title at the top of the window declares it to be a Public Whiteboard, which means that anything one person does to it, everyone experiences. For example, if you had written something in there, and then someone else chose to use the Clear Whiteboard option under the Edit button, then everything that you had to say would be erased. Of course, you could complain using the Chat Box, and in that way what you had to say would be heard.

Chat Box

The Chat Box is also a quite valuable commodity. This is available under the Tools button in the main dialogue window. Again, once one person actually enters something in the window, everyone else involved in the session will have a Chat Box window open with the entered comment preceded by the person's identification.

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