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Starting Collage

Collage is an X window based tool. If you know how to start up an X based tool, you can skip this section. Also, if you plan to run Collage on the same machine that your Xserver is running on, you can skip this section. To start up an X window based tool, the user must first tell the X server to allow clients from the machine you are running your client on. If your X display is a workstation, you can do this by executing

where 'hostname' is the name of the machine that you will be running the X window tool on. On the client machine you need to specify where the X server is running. If your X server's name is `yoyodyne', then you will type:

from csh:

or from sh or ksh:
See your local system administrator for details on running X applications.

Type collage. The collage main window should appear on your X display (Figure 1), along with a splash screen which will appear for a couple of seconds and disappear while the tool is initializing (Figure 2). If this does not happen, check your X DISPLAY variable (above).

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