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6.3 The Prism Programming Environment

Prism is a versatile, X-windows based, interactive, graphical programming environment available on the CM-5. Within Prism, it is possible to edit, compile, load, execute, debug, and analyze the performance of a program. It is also possible to visualize the data used by a program.

In order to use Prism, you must have an X-terminal. Since Prism can be executed only from cranberry, you must enable cranberry to display on your terminal. If your terminal is called mytube then on cranberry type the command setenv DISPLAY mytube:0.

Prism can be used for both data parallel and control parallel programs. You must compile with the -g switch in order to debug using Prism and with -cmprofile to collect performance data. Control parallel programs can be debugged at the individual nodes through Prism. For this, you must invoke Prism with the -node option. There is an example program called primes.fcm located in the directory /usr/local/cm/examples/prism which you can analyse using Prism.

The entire set of CM-5 on-line documentation is accessible directly from Prism. For this, the directories /usr/local/X11R5/bin and /usr/local/cm/bin should be in your path.