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6.1 The CMAX Converter

CMAX, which stands for CM Automated X-lator, is a software tool that converts standard FORTRAN77 programs into CM Fortran. Naturally, this is the easiest way to turn your sequential program into a parallel program for the CM-5.

CMAX takes as input a package consisting of FORTRAN77 program files and creates a CM Fortran version of each file. A package is a set of one or more FORTRAN77 files that constitute a complete program. Using CMAX is a two-step process.

  1. Create a package with the FORTRAN77 program files.
  2. Translate the package into CM Fortran.
We already know how to compile and execute a CM Fortran program. The following example illustrates the use of CMAX.

Suppose we have a FORTRAN77 program that is broken up into three files, namely file1.f, file2.f, and file3.f. The following command creates a package called threepack consisting of the three files.

cmax threepack -AddFiles= file1.f file2.f file3.f
The next command translates the package, creating a .fcm version of each file in it.
cmax threepack

While CMAX is a very useful tool, it may not always be able to translate your entire program, and some manual effort might be required. For detailed information on the capabilities and limitations of CMAX, please see the appropriate manual.