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1 Introduction

This guide is intended for those who are learning to use the Connection Machine CM-5 such as the one at the University of Tennessee. Our goal is to present some of the salient features and capabilities of the CM-5 in a concise manner and not to overwhelm the reader with details. However, we have included some of the details that are essential for beginners to get their first program to compile successfully. The hardware and/or software configuration tend to vary with site. Please consult your local system administrator for site-specific information.

The organization of this guide is as follows. An overview of the CM-5 system is presented in Section 2. Section 3 describes how to access the CM-5. Programming methods are discussed in Section 4. Section 5 describes the vector units and explains how programs can be timed. Some of the software tools and libraries are surveyed in Section 6. Sources for further information are mentioned in Section 7.