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Exercise 9: 2D FE solver.

Write a 2D FE solver to solve (2) with the uniform mesh you created previously using the divide and conquer technique (a set of points, triangle connectivities, and boundary conditions are available in the data file, regular_mesh_c.dat or regular_mesh_f.dat. The difference in the two data files is that one starts indexing at 0 and the other at 1. Alternatively, you can use (modify) one of the FE solvers fe2d_code.c or fel.f. Compare it to the solution you obtain using the nonuniform mesh you created using the Delaunay technique. Continue to subdivide the uniform mesh and note whether or not your solution begins to converge to the solution you computed using the nonuniform mesh (why or why not?). Also compare the number of uniform and nonuniform elements it took to conform to the geometry.