Authors and Editors

Richard C. Allen, Applied Mathematics, Sandia National Laboratory, NM

Chris Bottcher, Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

Phillip Bording, Geoscience, University of Tulsa, OK

Pat Burns, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University

John Conery , Department of Computer & Information Science, U. of Oregon, Eugene

Thomas R. Davies , Department of Physics, Duquesne University, PA

James Demmel, Department of Computer Science, Berkeley

Chris Johnson, Department of Computer Science, University of Utah

Lakshmi Kantha, Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, Univeristy of Colorado Boulder, CO

William Martin, Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan

Geoffrey Parks, Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK

Steve Piacsek, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, MS

Dan Pryor, Supercomputing Research Center, Bowie, MD

Tamar Schlick, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Chemistry Department, New York University

M.R. Strayer , Physics Division,Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Verena M. Umar , Computer Center, Vanderbilt University

Robert Voigt, New Technologies, NSF

Jerrold Wagener, Amoco Production Research, Tulsa, OK

Dave Zachmann , Mathematics Department, Colorado State University

John Ziebarth, Computer Science, Univeristy of Alabama, Huntsville


Michel Baranger, Physics Department, M.I.T., MA

Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Geoffrey Fox, Syracuse University, NY

Dave Schneider, Cornell Theory Center, NY

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