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Division Computing
Web Utilization

ORNL has standards for appropriate use of the Web. This is discussed in these documents:

If you want to create web content within Physics, we have a web server which we strive to keep secure and relatively up-to-date. Please contact Robert Varner, 574-6521 about putting your content there.

The Physics Division has guidelines for creating and posting Web documents on servers in the Division are given below. Please read these and follow them carefully.

If you must have your own Web server, then you must manage it securely and register it. If you want the world to access your server, you must arrange for a firewall exception through the ORNL SSR.

Guidelines for Web Pages

The Physics Division now creates many documents for distribution by the Web. Just as for journal publications, we must ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of what we put on the Web. This document describes the process the Physics Division uses to make that assurance.

Appropriate Content

Please be sure that any document you propose to post is an appropriate use of the Division computers. We are bound by law, Department of Energy policy and ORNL policy to use government computers and networks only for government purposes. In our case, that means research and facility operations. We may not post material of a private or personal nature.

All sections and groups within the division are encouraged to have Web pages which describe the full scope of their research activities and the professional qualifications of their personnel. So called "personal" home pages are strongly discouraged, and will be approved only by the Physics Division Director. There are few good reasons for such pages when sections and groups have such wide access to the Web as we propose here. In all other cases, the decision about appropriate content is made during the managerial review.


Determine the audience for your document. If it is for the Physics Division alone, review is unnecessary, but you must arrange with the Web server manager to secure your document from outside access. If your audience is outside the Division, then your document must be cleared just as for any publication which leaves the division.



The clearance process for Web documents is exactly the same as that for other publications. It involves reviews of

  • technical accuracy
  • appropriateness (managerial review)
  • patent clearance (if required)

and should follow the Physics Division document clearance procedure.

After clearance and registration with the ORNL Publications Tracking System (PTS) the document may be posted on any Physics Division Web server.