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New Version of PACMAN for DOE efficiency measurements

For us to straighforwardly comply with DOE requirements, we are going to track events through software. The new code to do this tracking is in pacman and a program pacman controls, tape. You will see some new messages in the log file, which are the same as being reported to Carl Gross.

Before you restart pacman, please set the EXPT environment variable to whatever RIBxxx number you have been assigned. That should help in correct tracking of the events. After you start pacman, you will see a new startup banner, with the following hints:

* New command requirements                                             * 
*								       *
*  Before starting pacman,					       *
* setenv EXPT (your experiment number here - e.g. RIB001)              * 
*                                                                      * 
* After starting pacman, use these commands for writing events to disk * 
*						                       * 
* TRUN [bon, boff] for "beam on" (bon) or "beam off" (boff)	       * 
* TON [bon, boff] for "beam on" (bon) or "beam off" (boff)	       *

The TRUN and TON commands now require you to type the new keyword for beam, so we can track whether or not the data are for beam on or off, since DOE only wants the data for beam ON.