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Division Computing
Computer Security & Appropriate Use

Computer security within the Physics Division means not allowing unauthorized access to our computers, especially to hackers. To operate securely, each of us using computers must be aware of the status of the computers we control.

Anyone with a desktop or laptop computer attached to our network must have completed Cyber Security Awareness Training.

For most computers, we require that you keep your system up-to-date with system security patches. If you can no longer patch your machine, it will be disconnected from the network.

For a Windows computer, there are particular requirements:

  • All Windows computers on the ORNL network must be owned by ORNL and managed by ORNL ITSD staff using the SCCS system.
  • Any exceptions to this must be documented and expressly permitted. ORAU and UT computers can be easily granted this exception.

All ORNL-owned portable data processing devices must be encrypted

No portable device may contain protected, personnally identifiable information. Many laptop computers have left on travel, only to return with the latest worm or virus. YOUR attention to the security of laptops must not stop when you leave your office.

To attach a new device to the network, either

ORNL guidance on security and appropriate use

The following standards describe ORNL requirements on computer owners and users:

Telecommunications from offsite

We require that you use secure communications from home for remote terminal applications. These days that means SSH, with many free and not free clients available for Windows, Macintosh or Unix systems, or the ORNL VPN.