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Division Computing
Computing Accounts

Gaining access to Physics Division Computer Resources takes two steps:

  • Get an ORNL UCAMS UID. All computer resources require a UCAMS account for individual access. For Physics Division accounts, you probably need the following resources associated with the account:
    • WKSPWD User (workstation password server),
    • W2K (Windows Domain) and
    • WWW_PASSWD (Web Access).
    For computer access from offsite, you may need SECURID (ORNL Authentication Token) and at least one of LOGIN1 (ORNL Login Server) or VPNSRV1 (VPN Service). If you will be here for a long time, you will need ORNL Email for Exchange (default) or IMAP.

    To get the account, call 241-6765. You will need to FAX some forms back and forth to complete the process. Be sure to request the resources you need.

  • After your UCAMS UID is ready, request access to the Division computers you will use. Your Host should collect the following information:
    • Name and Personnel ID number of the Host as specified in the Guest Assignment paperwork.
    • Name of the Physics Division Approver who has responsibility over the computing resources that are being requested.
    • Your ORNL badge number.
    • The name of the computer or group of computers you will use. Usually that means access to the NIS-managed Linux systems and servers, the data acquisition systems, or the HRIBF cluster.
    • Email this information to Robert Varner 574-6521, varnerrl@ornl.gov.