Relativistic Velocity Calculation (2003 Mass Table)

Relativistic Velocity Calculation (2003 Mass Table)
Enter mass number (A), atomic number (Z), number of electrons on the atom, and the energy of the desired beam.

A =
Z =
Number electrons =
Energy =

  • mass calculated by: mass_true = mass*u + mass excess + elecrons*me;
  • v/c = sqrt{1.0 - 1.0/[(energy/mass_true+1)*(energy/mass_true+1)]}
  • constant: c=29.9792458 cm/ns - speed of light
  • constant: u=931.494013 MeV - atomic mass unit
  • constant: me=0.510999890 MeV - electron mass
  • Mass excess values are from the 2003 mass table of G. Audi, A. H. Wapstra and C. Thibault, Nuclear Physics A729 (2003) p. 337-676. This version of the Mass Table was taken from NNDC at BNL;

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