QM09 Companion Tours

The cost of the QM 2009 Accompanying Persons Program is $100 paid in advance. It includes morning and afternoon excursions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also, it permits free admission to the Conference Banquet, play, and daily conference lunches; however, accompanying persons are encouraged to attend the organized lunch outings. A companion may participate in one of the three conference excursions on Wednesday afternoon for an additional fee. The regular conference participant must be sure to include the number of accompanying persons when indicating on the conference registration form the total number of attendees for the banquet, play, excursion and, of course, the number for the Accompanying Persons Program. Please, contact qm09@ornl.gov with any questions.


Monday, March 30

Get name tag, schedule, and map between 8:30 and 9:00 am at the Conference Reception Desk. Please, wear your name tag throughout the program.

Sign up at the Reception Desk for lunch with us at one of the nice local restaurant choices to get to know the other companions. Sign up for this morning and/or afternoon’s excursions.

Join us for coffee and tea to listen to a short overview talk at 9:00 am about this week’s options.

Tentative list of destinations for today: Three Rivers Rambler Steam Engine Train Ride, Volunteer Landing & Marina stroll, and optional lunch at Calhoun’s Restaurant. (Lunch is paid individually at the restaurant with credit card or US dollars.)

Volunteer Landing      3 Rivers Rambler


Tuesday, March 31

Tentative list of destinations: Museum of Appalachia, picnic lunch, Ijams Nature Center tour.

Museum of Appalachia      Ijams Nature Center


Wednesday, April 1

Accompanying persons may attend the main conference excursion for an additional fee. Please, note the information above concerning completion of the conference registration form and see the Excursion page for details concerning the excursions, deadlines, and fees.


Thursday, April 2

Tentative list of destinations: Tennessee River Boat Company cruise, Volunteer Landing & Marina, and lunch.



Friday, April 3

Tentative list of destinations: Blount Mansion, James White Fort, Ramsey House Plantation, and lunch.

Conference Banquet in the evening.

Blount Mansion      Ramsey House



Self-guided Frank H. McClung Museum visit (map provided)

Self-guided Knoxville historic walking tour (map provided)

Mcclung Museum

Further sightseeing information is available on the Tourist Info page.