Support for young participants

There will be financial support for a limited number of students and participants within 6 years of their Ph.D. degree.
Preference for financial support will be given to applicants submitting an abstract. Requests for financial support should use the following procedure:

  1. Register for the conference. As part of the registration, please answer the questions related to financial support
  2. Please arrange to submit the following documents electronically to QM09 at
    1. your updated CV
    2. a letter of recommendation and explanation from your supervisor

The financial support provided will usually be selected from one or several of the following categories:

  1. Discounts or full waiver of the registration fee
  2. Hotel accommodation at reduced rates in the conference hotels
  3. Full waiver of the hotel accommodation costs
In general, we will not be able to support travel costs or other costs encountered outside of the vicinity of the conference site.
FAQ: if the only fee you'll need to pay is the approximately $25 excursion fee, it is fine to not worry about bank transfers etc. but just instead pay that fee directly upon arrival in Knoxville.