Student Day

Talks are available via the the agenda in indico.

The one-day student school prior to QM09 will be held on Sunday, March 29 (2009). The Lecture Hall in the Knoxville Convention Center (KCC) will be used, and the lunch and breaks will be on the Park Concourse just outside the Lecture Hall.

There will be one "general/big picture" talk, followed by three "experimental" and three "theoretical" (in mixed order) lectures of 40 min each
- each lecture will have its 10 minute Q&A period at the end (making it 40+10)
- in addition, at the end of the morning/afternoon session, there will be a 1 hour discussion session in Hot Quarks style, i.e. a ballot-box will be passed around through the audience during the talks to collect additional anonymous questions for the speakers to answer.

Time Topic Speaker
08:30 - 09:20"Big picture" TalkThomas Schaefer
09:20 - 10:10Soft Physics - Flow and bulk propertiesRoy Lacey
10:10 - 10:25Coffee break
10:25 - 11:15Hydrodynamics and TransportUlrich Heinz
11:15 - 12:05Heavy FlavorPeter Braun-Munzinger
12:05 - 13:00Discussion session
Hot Quarks style
13:00 - 14:30Lunch
14:30 - 15:20Initial State and SaturationMarzia Nardi
15:20 - 16:10Hard Probes - Jets and photons/leptonsThomas Ullrich
16:10 - 16:25Coffee break
16:25 - 17:15Jets and Photons (Theory)Carlos Salgado
17:15 - 18:15Discussion session
Hot Quarks style