Speaker Info

We will have standard Windows (XP, with PPT 2007, and Adobe for PDFs) and Mac laptops (PPT 2008, Keynote 2009, and Adobe for PDFs) available for presentations in every session. No personal computers will be allowed for presentations.

Talks will instead need to be uploaded and checked for problems with help from the conference support staff in the 'Speakers Corner' in the conference office. The talks should be handed off at least 2 hours before the session in which the talk is given (day before, for morning sessions). If late modifications/revisions are needed, new uploads should be made at the start of the break preceding the session in which the talk is to be given., i.e. 30 minutes before session start.

All talks will be posted and made publicly available via the conference homepage, but only after the sessions (where the talks have been given) have ended; perhaps with a delay of a day or so.

Parallell talks will be 15+5 minutes (i.e. 5 minutes for questions), plenary talks 25+5 minutes, and the rapporteur talks on the last day 40+0 minutes.