Creating an Indico account
- on the QM09 server

Before registering for the conference you need to create an Indico account on our server. Indico is an agenda management program developed at CERN and used for many sites/conferences, that we will use for registrations, abstract submission, and general program agenda organization.
Please note that you can not use an Indico account from any other server, or any previous conference, but have to create an account on our server.

The steps to create and activate an account on the QM09 server are the following:

  1. Please click here - link to the registration page on the QM09 Indico server.
    Fill in at least the mandatory fields and select a username and password. We recommend that you cut-and-paste your email address so as to avoid any mistyping.

  2. You should then within a few minutes receive an email from 'QM09 Indico' with a link to an obscure filename on our server. By clicking on that link, you activate the account. If you did not receive an email within a few minutes, the most likely reason is that your email address was mistyped, so then please just try once again.

  3. Finally, please click here - link to the login page for Indico, to test your account on the QM09 server.
If you forget your password, the QM09 Indico server can send a reminder to your registered email address, if you request that on the Indico login page.