Poster Info

The size available for each poster was 4' by 4' (or 122 cm x 122 cm). The posters were located in rooms 200 A-C in KCC (next to the Cyber Cafe), and in the adjoining Park concourse. The Poster Map shows the poster grouping, according to topic. The detailed information regarding which poster was on which board will be available in the poster area, and is also available here.

We will not have proceedings for the posters, except for those that were selected for a 'flash-talk'; see list of flash talks here. The posters that have been uploaded (PDF format; size<10 MByte preferred; to be handed in at the Speakers' Corner in the conference office) will be distributed on a DVD together with the proceedings.
If you didn't get a chance to hand in your poster, you can also email it to us at (This gmail address is preferred over our normal addresses since the files may be large)
We apologize if you handed in your file during the conference and it was later misplaced by us. If so, please do send us the file again.
We would appreciate if you could name your file a la Smith_Jane.pdf, i.e. LastName_FirstName.pdf. If you had several posters, please also indicate which file is for which poster. Thanks.

The poster files we have received so far are uploaded on indico (poster session files added at the end of the indico agenda), and sorted by the poster topic. Please follow the links below to see the files.
Poster Session Files -- Topic 1
Poster Session Files -- Topic 2
Poster Session Files -- Topic 3
Poster Session Files -- Topic 4
Poster Session Files -- Topic 5
Poster Session Files -- Topic 6
Poster Session Files -- Topic 7
Poster Session Files -- Topic 8
Poster Session Files -- Topic 9