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Physics Division Seminars bring us speakers on a variety of physics related subjects. Usually these are held in the Building 6008 large Conference Room, at 3:00 pm on the chosen day, but times and locations may vary. For more information, contact our seminar chairman,

Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri
Tel (Office): (865) 574-6124  (FAX): (865) 574-1268

Tue., January 24, 2017, at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (refreshments at 1:40 PM)

Cosmic Ray Flux Measurements at Global Scale and the Associated Applications

Xiaochun He, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
6008 Large Conference Room

Cosmic ray radiation has galactic origin and consists primarily of protons and a small percentage of heavier nuclei. The primary cosmic ray particles interact with the molecules in the atmosphere and produce showers of secondary particles at about 15 km altitude. In recent years, with the advancement of particle detection technology and massive computing power, there is a growing interest of exploring the applications of cosmic rays ranging from muon tomography, space and earth weather monitoring, etc. In this talk, I will present the recent work at Georgia State University on cosmic ray shower simulation, the development of low-cost cosmic ray detectors, and the plan for building a network of cosmic ray detectors around the globe.

Contact: Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, (865) 574-6124